Our nursery display gardens are what sets Fairview nursery apart from the competition. When you come to the nursery you have the option to stroll through two world-class gardens with many rare and unusual species that thrive in our Mediterranean climate. With over 1,800 feet of custom pathways for your viewing pleasure, you can see what the mature trees and plants will look like before you make a purchase in the nursery. This type of setting is very unusual because in the nursery industry space equals money. I decided long ago that it was important to sacrifice space in order to build two gardens to showcase plants for my customers’ viewing enjoyment and to educate them at the same time. It always puts a smile on my face when I see my customers get excited when they see the gardens. I affectionately like to call them working-class botanical gardens. 

Palm garden

The goal of the Fairview palm garden is to showcase the many rare and unusual palm species we grow and sell at the nursery. We have over 150 exotic species from across the globe in our display garden for your viewing pleasure. This botanical display will give you many ideas on what to select and buy for your own personal garden oasis. Our garden is truly special since we have many rare and critically threatened species that we strive to grow, protect and conserve. It’s always fun to see what the plants you buy look like when they are mature.

Rock garden

The vision and design of the Fairview rock garden were to showcase Aloes, Cycads, Agaves, Cactus, various succulents with amazing granite boulders as the backdrop. The natural placement of the boulders provides the perfect setting to highlight the unique and diverse plant life that resides in this garden. This is a working botanical garden and propagation of these plants plays a key role in producing nursery stock and preserving rare and endangered species for generations to come. As you walk through this garden in amazement you can see the architectural beauty and color that drought-tolerant plants can add to a garden like yours.