My plant story began in 2003 when my wife and I visited Costa Rica. I was bitten by the exotic plant bug. Soon after, we visited the Hawaiian Islands and I was 100% hooked on only growing the cool stuff. I quickly replaced all my common plants with more exciting tropical plants that can grow in our Mediterranean climate. I soon realized there were not many rare palm or plant nurseries around. My obsession of collecting and growing rare and exotic plants quickly became a passion of mine. Soon this passion turned into a nursery with over 400 species of rare exotic plants ranging from the entry-level everyday plant to the ultra-hard to find collector plants and everything in between. My goal was to be the best exotic rare plant nursery of choice in Southern California.

We started Fairview nursery in 2012 and it quickly became known as the “go-to” nursery for newly introduced palm species, Cycads, Aloes, Agaves, and many other rare plants. Nestled on 3 acres in the sunny climatic wonderland of Vista (North county) San Diego, California. We are proud of our diverse inventory and offer an extensive selection of rare and exotic plants grown locally here in Vista. With our amazing climate, we can truly grow numerous amounts of the most desirable plants that thrive in our Mediterranean climate. We have 2 Botanical Display gardens with over 1,800 feet of pathways for your viewing pleasure. When you walk along the pathways you can see what the plants look like at mature sizes as you view in amazement and get ideas of what species you want to plant in your garden landscape. We are the only rare plant nursery with an incredible set up like this.

Plant conservation and awareness is our number one passion in what we do. Our goal in growing many rare, threatened, and endangered plants at our nursery is to educate our customers on the value and importance of plant conservation through the cultivation of their own gardens. By planting such plants in your garden, you are doing your part to conserve what may soon be extinct in the wild. This will ensure the protection and safety of these plants for generations to come.

Our growing facility is state of the art and has been recognized in many plant societies and by avid collectors as the nursery of choice. We grow and acclimate our plants to absolute perfection so you can plant with confidence. Our experience, knowledge and customer service speak for itself. Our nursery is founded on excellent customer service, values, and quality plants that will put a smile on your face. If you don’t believe this come, see for yourself!